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Yorkshire Finances

Welcome to the Yorkshire Finances blog. This is a personal journal charting my progress toward financial independence, and early retirement. I post about my own expenses, savings and investment returns. I discuss the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) lifestyle, and post about financial news stories and press releases in an effort to entertain, inform, educate, and/or amuse anyone reading along the way. Everything you see on Yorkshire Finances blog posts are my musings, feelings, experiences, anecdotes, arguments, and commentaries on all things related to money. Yorkshire Finances is an independent blog, not affiliated with any businesses. So, my commentary and experiences with any products or services will be honest and impartial.

Yorkshire Finances Recent Posts:

Extra Info About Yorkshire Finances:

If you're looking for practical tips to improve your personal finances, you're in the right place. On Yorkshire Finances I post about budgeting, saving, investing, and debt management. You'll find posts whether I talk about my own approach to gaining financial independence, as well as details on some of the money mistakes I've made. 

One of the most popular topics I cover is retirement planning. I'll share my insights on how to save for retirement, the different types of retirement account available to us in the UK, and how to retire early, if that's a goal you share with me!

I'll share my monthly expenses with you, so that you can see how much I'm saving for retirement. I'll share quarterly reports with details of my investment returns and look at different investments to consider when you're deciding how to invest your money. Stocks, index tracker funds, bonds, ETFs, REITs, real estate - I post about a wide variety of investments.

I also post about my goals, short term savings goals, long term financial goals, and general life goals! One I can cross of the list is starting a blog! Yorkshire Finances is more than just a way for me to track my own thoughts and feeling about saving and investing as I make progress towards financial independence, it's a creative outlet! I get a lot of satisfaction from sharing content which I hope is useful and actionable for anyone who wants to improve their finances. 


Yorkshire Finances isn't just informed by my personal experiences, I interview others for their perspective on how to grow wealth in the UK.


  • You don't sound like you're from Yorkshire?

    • I know I don't sound like it - but I am Yorkshire born & bred.

  • What makes you an expert on all of this stuff?

    • I'm not! I'm just an enthusiastic investor with thoughts to share.

  • Isn't retiring early only for rich people?

    • That's what they want you to think! With the proper knowledge, I believe that anyone is capable of saving and investing their way to a better financial future, without having to work until you drop.​

Finally: you don't have to be from Yorkshire to read this blog! I've tried to make relatively boring financial posts accessible, entertaining, and hoping amusing, with video narration for each post. I hope you enjoy them. 

For additional information about Yorkshire Finances, and why I started the blog, take a look at the about page. Thanks for reading.

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